Public procurement/Utilities procurement

We provide advice in a procurement’s all phases – from pre-studies and planning of a procurement to execution and awarding of contract. We also assist with administration and performance of your public contracts during their contract period.

We have extensive experience of procurement litigation, including applications for review cases, procurement fines cases and damages cases. We have represented our clients in the European Court of Justice, the Swedish and Finnish Supreme Administrative Courts and in the Swedish Supreme Court.

In addition we also provide training – general or tailor made – within all areas of the public procurement field of law.

Procurement Compliance

Public procurement focuses on suppliers acting in a compliant manner towards all legislation that have impact on their business. We assist our clients in cases regarding investigation, control and potential debarring from future public tenders. In addition we assist in cases regarding self-cleaning, i.e. different measures aiming to avoid exclusion or debarment from future public procurements.

Publicity and confidentiality

We assist our clients in all matters regarding publicity and confidentiality. This includes the composition of requests for confidentiality, assessments of whether certain records of information can be confidential or not and assistance in court cases regarding publicity and confidentiality.