Jonatan Wahlberg

Jonatan Wahlberg has been a judge in procurement cases and has been working with writing the Swedish procurement laws.


He has made a career as a judge, and has been working with procurement law in the adjudication process as a rapporteur in the Supreme Administrative Court and as a judge in the Administrative Court in Stockholm.

In recent years, he has been working at the Swedish Government Offices, the Ministry of Finance, with implementing the 2014 Procurement Directives and writing the 2017 Swedish Procurement Laws.

He also was one of the secretaries of the inquiry “Revision and simplification of the procurement legislation below the EU thresholds and specific questions related to applications for review, etc.” (see its report SOU 2018:44), of which Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell was the Inquiry Chair.

When he got back to the Ministry, he became responsible for the procurement laws as a principal.

Quick facts

Senior Specialist
+46 72 50 77 330


Master of laws degree (LLM.) from the University of Stockholm, 1997


The Administrative Court in Örebro, 1997–1999

The Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm, 1999–2003

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO), 2004–2008

The Supreme Administrative Court, 2008–2010

The Administrative Court in Stockholm, 2011–2012

The Swedish Government Offices, the Division for Public Procurement, 2012–2018

Ulfsdotter Law, 2019–